Vaulted ceilings and adjacent rooms.


I am trying to paint my kitchen and the 2 side walls are vaulted and shared with the living room. I am in the process of painting the kitchen green however don’t want that same color in the living room – and the middle of the ceiling is towards the living room so that doesn’t make a good break. Any ideas? I have attached a picture to show what I am talking about.

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  1. I had a similar problem and what worked for me was to use a color in your living room within the same family as the green you want to use in the kitchen and separate the two with one of those thin strips they use when paneling as a border which separates the two rooms. As for the ceiling I would just paint it basic ceiling white which will make the room appear even larger. Make sure when using the paneling strip to prep it or else the paint will just peal off eventually. I just cleaned, lightly sanded, primed and then painted it the color I was using o border the two rooms. Good luck!

  2. Try using a similar color from the same paint card. A vaulted ceiling provides naturally draws the eye upwards. If you apply a lighter color of the same base it normally will appear as a very natural transition.

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