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I have never had this problem with Benjamin Moore, but I am having this with Valspar satin and I am wondering what I am doing wrong. After I roll on the paint it is like I will come back in a minute or two and it will look almost as if it is melting…and in some areas it will actually drip a bit. I might have to go back several times. It even happened in a few areas where I cut in, several minutes after edging, not while I am doing it. It is like I have to go over it and then come back to make sure it hasn’t done it again. I asked the guy at Lowes and he checked my roller size and said it should be fine and that I should try using less. When I use less, then I have uncovered areas, have to do another area, wait till it “melts” and then come back. Is this normal? I’m ready to tear my hair out. Luckily it is just a kids room but it is much more convenient for me to use Lowes and the price is better too. At this rate though it isn’t worth it. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. It isn't you it's Valspar. Valspar and other paints from Lowes and Home Depot are not very good when compared to others. (I'm not a fan of these paints.) As you found out saving a few dollars isn't worth it. Benjamin Moore has some very good paints at a similar price point and some of the best paints on the market for just a few dollars more.

    Recap- This is normal for Valspar. Put the pretty label aside and use a better paint for other rooms and keep your hair. All you can do with this paint is apply thinner coats and crank the heat to get it to set up before running or sagging. Also a fan might help.

  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I'll never get cheap paint again. But more important, I was feeling terrible about myself and the job I had done, had decided I wouldn't paint any more rooms. Now I can move on and do some more painting. I had never heard of the term "sagging", but that is exactly what it did. Thanks so much!

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