Steel Siding

I am power washing my steel siding and the paint is coming off. Do I want the paint off or do I need to power down my power washer?

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Redoing base cabinets?

I am having new doors made. I’m in the processing of cleaning up the bases. I had sanded an area where it was water stained. I tried putting stain on and it did not take. Any ideas?

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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

I need help to choose color to paint my house exterior. My roof is charcoal grey and bricks are red. What color should I choose for my aluminum sidings, trims, window shutters, garage door and front door? I was planning to use red for trims, shutters, garage door and white

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Valspar Satin Problem

I have never had this problem with Benjamin Moore, but I am having this with Valspar satin and I am wondering what I am doing wrong. After I roll on the paint it is like I will come back in a minute or two and it will look almost as

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Getting into trouble with my tables edging finish.

Found a great old table at a garage sale and began removing the old varnish and stain. The thick 1 inch edging removed easily with the remover but now I think it isn’t a wood edging. I tested an area to see if it would accept stain and it appears

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How can I fix the outside corners of my walls?

The corners of my walls have metal on them & the paint chips off. I know you can buy guards to cover the corners but I don’t want to do that on all of them. Is there some way to cover this metal so the paint will adhere? Spackling doesn’t

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