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The house that we are buying has dark brown brick. What trim colors do you suggest? I would like to lighten the color if possible.

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  1. A light creamy beige goes well with dark brown brick. When choosing the color, be sure that it won't look too pink, which beige sometimes do. Try picking 3 or 4 colors that you think you might like and paint each of them on a different scrap of 2×4 piece of wood. Then, hold the pieces of wood up to the brick of your house and see which color you like best. It would be good to look at the colors is the morning, the afternoon, and at dusk because colors can change dramatically change their appearance depending on the lighting.

  2. Some colors that I think would work well would either be a tan color, on the lighter side of course. Another color that would work well would be a sage green. I think the green would give it a better look.

  3. We also have dark brown brick and I hated it! I recently painted the trim around the front door french gray from BEHR masonry colors and an almost white gray for other trim…painted front door Sherwin Williams Baked Clay…have gotten a lot of compliments on the color combo. actually made me like the brick color now.

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