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When we moved in our brand new house the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room was streaky and unpainted in some areas. The builder came back 3 times and it still looked funny but improved. Now I’m getting ready to paint the walls and I thought I would paint the ceiling first.

I bought top notch paint and gave it 2 coats. When it dried the streaks were worse so I went back to Home Depot and they advised to use an oil paint and that should work which I did. It improved but there were areas that had bubbles and now the ceiling is terrible.

What can I do, we are seniors and on limited income and can’t afford a painter. But we are open to any concept, it looks horrible.

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  1. No disrespect (I'm a senior too) but by this time, you should be advised that perhaps you are not using proper: 1.Tools 2.Techniques 3.Materials and any further attempts will just give you inferior results… nevertheless if you refuse hiring a pro… you will need to do this to rectify all the before-hand errors:

    Lightly sand, using a block sander, all of the surface… Next, Prime it with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… Next, Finish coat (1 coat) with (only) Sherwin Williams Classic-99 (latex) and use a FLAT finish for the ceiling…

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