Should I use a roller or brush for my bathroom cabinets?


I am starting the process of painting over my stained bathroom cabinets. I used TSP, sanded, and put my first coat of paint on (I’m using the paint with the primer in it) I got a high density foam roller, about 6″ in length. I’ve only done one coat, but it doesn’t seem to be going on smoothly. I’ve read rollers are best…any ideas??

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  1. Best idea is to not believe everything you are told or read.

    Home Depot found a gimmick in telling lies that their paint has a primer in it. There is no proper substitute for a coat of primer, then sanding then two coats of finish. If you still have the one coat of paint on your cabinets, STOP! Visit your local paint dealer and buy an appropriate primer which will sand to a smooth surface ready to be brushed over with two coats of cabinet paint. Preferably an alkyd semi-gloss or gloss. Use a top quality china bristle brush for the alkyd coatings application.

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