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I got a quote from a painter who suggested that I used the elastomer product on my plaster walls (complete coverage). From what I read, this does not sound like a typical use ? If I am wrong, what would be a reasonable labor price for applying this product and doing a finish coat on top of it? Also, how many coats of elastomer, primer, finish would be reasonable? Thank you in advance.

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  1. If your plaster walls are bare (unfinished) prime them with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer (one coat)… if already painted… no priming is necessary… then top coat with an Acrylic Paint (one coat), use a high quality source like Sherwin Williams or Behr…

    Pricing will vary depending on many factors, get at least 2 quotes… Good Luck!

  2. Elastomeric is great for filling in hairline cracks on stucco. It tends to be rolled as it is thicker than common paints and rolling it assists in pushing in the product to fill cracks. It is like rubber when it dries and will expand and contract with the surface as temperatures change. Its great here in South Texas because because of temperature fluctuations and foundation issues that can cause minor stress cracks to stucco and I would imagine, in your case, plaster.

    As with all types of paint, familiarize yourself with "product" preparation and application requirements in order to insure that the process is being met by your contractor and you are compliant for the manufacturer warranties that are offered on particular product.

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