Peeling paint on plaster wall.


We are repainting a bedroom using a latex primer. The walls and ceiling have been lightly sanded prior to applying the primer. As the primer dries the paint underneath is separating from the wall below but appears to be bonded to the previous layer of paint. Neither layer of paint is bonded to the plastered wall. What can we do to complete this paint job and achieve satisfactory results?

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  1. With plaster surfaces my experience is Latex paint should not be applied.

    Generally when plaster turns loose homeowners will believe the paint has turned loose. Strange as this may seem, using a wet finger taste the back side of the coating. It this has a slightly salty taste, it is the face of the plaster turning loose.

    If this is the case, ask your local paint dealer for a recommendation of a professional plaster repair man.

    If the plaster needs to be repaired, after you have that done, ask your local dealer for an appropriate primer and finish system.

  2. What if the flaking is not salty – does that mean it is the paint that is peeling? If so, how do you remove all the flaking paint? What is the best primer to use on Plaster wall?

  3. Best way to remove flaking paint depends on your unique situation but using a stiff broad knife (3-4 inch) and/or a wire brush should work. A good primer is Zinnser 123, acrylic for fast drying and sticks really well.

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