Painting over previously painted wood paneling that, from the looks of it, was never primed.


Our living room has painted wood paneling. We are needing to replace some molding that was removed and cover portions of the bare paneling that appear now after faux ceiling beams were also taken down. This uncovered what seems to be a poor paint job, so now, we’re contemplating repainting the entire room. I rubbed some alcohol on the paint and nothing came off so am guessing it’s oil based.

There are a few sections of the wall that are chipping near the window (guessing from possible past water seepage).

How should we proceed? Wondering what’s less work, i.e. taking it all down or repainting with probably some caveats.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Scrape down all peeled paint to a firm edge… spackle the edges… sand lightly… spot prime the repairs with a pigmented shellac sealer primer… prime the entire previously painted paneling with the same primer… finish coat with a high grade paint, like Sherwin Williams Classic-99

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