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I bought a house and was not aware that it had mold in the drywall in the garage and two closets as well as the outside walls of the kitchen and the bottom of the outside wall in the living room. My question is; Since the kitchen has to be redone and it has two outside walls, obviously what has happened is that water has filtrated into the drywall from the outside. I like the vintage farmhouse look and since I am having to redo the kitchen anyway, take out all the drywall and all the cabinets and throw them out because they got mold on the back, I need to know if I can just not put back any drywall and leave the walls in their bare concrete block state? It have seen pictures of that look and I like how it looks. It would seem that it would save the money from the drywall and that way I can just have it fixed, sealed and primed and painted and then buy the kitchen furnishings. I want to do an open shelf kitchen therefore the walls will be somewhat exposed. What type of sealant is used, is this a good idea? This means there will be no insulation in the kitchen. I live in Miami FL but I hear that concrete block does keep cold AC air in and hot air out if it is primed properly. I hope this is not confusing although it is long. Thank you.

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  1. Having just the concrete block without drywall should be OK. Most commercial buildings are just block walls, outside walls, without any problems. Priming and painting block walls is straightforward; prime with an acrylic block fill, allow to dry and then paint with any good acrylic paint. The block fill primer is for unpainted block and seals it before painting. Make sure to double check the exterior of your home for caulk and paint failures and fix before doing any interior painting.

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