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We are planning on finishing the basement in our home. There will be an office and a family room. We have chosen red cedar paneling for the entire office and would like to use the same red cedar paneling for the bottom half of the family room walls. The top portion of the walls would be painted in a pale yellow, green, or blue (not sure yet). We would like to add baseboard, a chair rail, and crown molding in the family room. Our dilemma is whether the baseboard, chair rail, crown molding, and doors should be painted or stained. We have been told that all of the trim (baseboard, chair rail, and crown moulding) as well as the doors should be stain grade and then be stained. We originally thought the trim would need to be stained, but we were surprised to be told that the doors should be stained as well. Do you agree? Would the doors look tacky/bad if they were painted while everything else was stained?

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  1. Normally all trim and doors are finished the same throughout a house, this creates uniformity.

    If you stain the trim then the doors should be stained as well. This does look really good. I have stained doors that have painted trim and was surprised by how good this looks, but I have not seen the opposite.

    Having painted doors with stained trim will make the doors stand out more. If this is the look you are after then go for it. In the end it is what you want that makes the most sense.

    Another consideration is the extra cost of a stain grade door vs a paint grade 6 panel (standard type of door). This is a considerable difference.

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