PAINTED A ROOM 3 MONTHS AGO AND STILL SMELL SO BAD YOU CAN’T STAND TO GO IN. THE SMELL IS NOT LIKE PAINT VAPORS, IT’S A RANCID SMELL. The room was painted several months before repainting it and did not have a problem. Applied a primer before repainting. IT is not a dead animal smell. I have read on internet that this is not uncommon and painting over with a prime does not seem to help. Do you know of any solutions?

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  1. There's no easy solutions to this problem. The main thing to consider is the quality of the primer and/or paint used as this seems to be a common link to the reports.

    Using a shellack based primer (2 coats) could help to seal up the smell if it caused by the primer or paint alone. After the primer using a high quality zero VOC paint should take care of the problem.

    I agree with Dave that a pro should be contacted. Plus contact the primer and paint manufactures and let then know about your smell problem, maybe they will have some specific remedies.

  2. This is a common problem with people that save paint for a long time. Paint does become ransid due to the chemicals in it especially when its stored in hot places like garages with no insulation.

    Usually this smell only lasts for a week or so. If it does not go away then you may have to repaint with fresh paint.

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