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My walls have been painted several times with light blue and white. Now I’m trying a red-rust color and have roller marks – it looks horrible. What can I do?

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  1. I can't believe none of the painters mentioned laying off with your roller. What you have are fat edges. Roll a section from ceiling to floor two widths of your roller. Now go back, start at the top and roll down making sure to keep it straight. Also, make sure not to apply too much pressure to either end of the frame. Doing so causes the "fat edges". Just remember to check your work as you go. Step off to the side and make sure you're not leaving any heavy lines. Best of luck.

  2. When painting, you are suppose to trim out a section around the corner, ceiling and floor. Start at the top and imagine a 3×3 section, paint a W in the imaginary section, then paint in the section. Go right below it and do the same thing. Repeat til you have a solid column. Re-dip your roller and roll ceiling to floor over the column. Then start right next to it and repeat steps. Always maintain a wet edge. Doing these steps will eliminate coats and roller marks.

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