Painting Over Markings on a Wall

Okay, so when I was 12 me and my friends thought it would be a great idea to have some fun with some sharpies on my painted walls. I’m sick and tired of looking at the ginormous cartoon dinosaur over and over again each morning. I know we have the

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Painting fabric on walls.

I have some thick fabric walls that I want to paint. The fabric is not smooth but has some ticking and a wide weave. The fabric is glued to a wood back wall. Do you have any suggestions as to type of paint and method of application?

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Painting over smoke damaged walls.

I recently had an electrical fire in my co-op apartment. The bedroom was a total loss, and the other rooms suffered various amounts of smoke damage. I understand that the walls have to be scrubbed down, and sealed to cut down on the smoke smell. I have heard that there

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Paint issue 1 month after paint completion.

I am having an issue with a bathroom that I had painted recently. 1 month ago I painted the interior master bathroom with Lowe’s semi-gloss paint. It did not go on well and I needed to use multiple coats (in some areas up to 4 coats). I placed fans in

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Painting semi-gloss trim and priming.

My project is painting lots of windows 3-4′ wide and 6-8′ tall(6″ trim), doors (6″ trim) and base molding (8″ and 10 “) in a 100 yr. old house that currently has semi gloss paint. Are there any primers that really work where they state you can prime over gloss

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Ceiling Paint Slothing Off

I have a new house that was built in 1920. When I went to put new ceiling paint up as soon as I applied it, it started slothing off. My whole house is like this. I scraped all of the old ceiling paint off in one room but my house

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Paint on outside walls inside the home is cracking.

I painted all rooms 4 years ago when moving into this home. Last year I had extra insulation blown into the exterior of the home. Since that was done, there are patches of paint cracking/peeling, but only on the outside walls of some of the rooms. Does anyone have a

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Painting Mobile Home Walls

I have paper like wallpaper on the walls in my mobile home and have to redo my bedroom. I would like to know if I can paint on top of that and if so what kinds of paints work best. I am on a very limited budget and would like

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