Paint peeling after applying Kilz?


I painted my wall with oil base Kilz and let it dry 16 hours and applied my colored paint. The next day the paint was bubbled and peeled off.

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  1. Did the paint bubble off the Kilz primer or is all (paint and primer) bubbling off the wall? If you scrape the bubbles do you see Kilz or the original wall paint? What paint did you use?

    This is odd as Kilz is a good predictable primer. If the paint is bubbling off the primer then something might be wrong with either the primer or paint. I need additional info.

  2. I had the exact same issue but the problem turned out to be the mud underneath the base. Make sure not to use the light, drying mud if you're a DIYer. The heavy mud (hard to find in box stores anymore) has more bonding agents in the same coverage area.

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