Oil over latex on cabinets.


I was talked out of using oil paint on oak kitchen cabinets which is what I have always used in the past. I was told to use STIX Waterborne Bonding Primer which is a urethane acrylic – 2 coats. It was then recommended to use Benjamin Moore Regal Premium Interior 100% Acrylic Paint in Pearl Finish – 2 coats.

After all has dried, I definitely wish I would have stuck with my OILS for the smoother finish! Is there any way to safely start over with oil? If so,would you recommend doing this?

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  1. Yes, you will wish you had used an alkyd as your finish. Not to worry, all is not lost.

    Sand lightly, and I do mean lightly as the pearl finish is a soft finish (which is why you do not care for it as a cabinet finish.)

    After a light sanding, apply two coats of Ben Moore Satin Impervo 215-line for a satin finish or Impervo Gloss 133-line for, well obviously, a gloss finish.

    Both of the products have excellent self-leveling properties and should be use as the are in the can with no thinning.

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