Lead paint law for church?


I want to do some interior painting in a church. If the old paint tests positive for lead do the EPA or NY Health Laws apply here? I’m asking because I need to dull glossy paint areas.

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  1. Why do you think that you need to "dull glossy paint areas"? It's really NOT required with today"s modern Acrylic products which will bond to those areas IF applied CORRECTLY! Just wash them if they are very dirty!

    Use Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Acrylic Paint, and BRUSH & ROLL PROPERLY…

    As for the local laws in your area… check with your local city government building offices…

  2. The EPA rules are a little hard to understand with this type of building. I had a similar job earlier this year and called my local (Denver) EPA office for help. The main question that will came up pertains to children; is there a daycare center on the property? In my case the answer was no so the laws didn't apply. I was doing exterior painting on the church so this might be a different situation.

    Give your local EPA office a call and also call your local health department.

    Dulling glossy surfaces can also be accomplished with a liquid deglosser. Paso is my preferred brand, you will need to find out what is available in your area. Wet sanding/scraping is also another option.

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