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We just closed escrow on a home and need to estimate the cost of painting all the walls. How much should labor cost? House is empty and is only 3 years old. Original builder-white paint is on walls.

Let’s start with one room. It’s 12′ x 10′. Floor to ceiling is 9′. Flooring and baseboards have been ripped out. One window 32″ x 42″, one standard doorway. Assume I provide all materials. What should it cost in labor to paint four walls (leave ceiling alone), window sill, and doorway framing?

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  1. This is an extremely general question and I may just cause problems answering, but I will anyway. For my company to paint a 12 x 10 bedroom, walls only, two coats, no paint would be $275.00. With that you get experienced painters, with license, worker's comp, liability insurance and someone you can call if you have a concern once the job is completed. You will be able to find someone to paint for anywhere between $100.00 and $500.00.

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as consistency in painters pricing.

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