Is it possible to paint rock stucco?


We live in a 1957 home with a rock dash stucco exterior. We would like to paint it but a builder told us that we should just re-stucco over top with the plaster-like stucco (we call it ‘California style’)instead because paint might seal in moisture so that the house won’t breathe. What is your opinion? Many thanks!

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  1. Paint away. Check with your local paint dealer for primers and finishes. We paint stucco / dryvit regularly.

  2. I live in Cambell River B.C. and have a 1967 rock-stucco home with wood horizontal siding on the bottom. The fall and winter months typically include strong south east winds with driving rains. The water penetrates the stucco and then flows out down the outside wall under the deck. I applied four good coats of elastameric paint from General Paint. It seemed to work for the first few rains and then the leaking began again. So I am still looking for a solution but it does show for your application that the stuff breathes. I got quotes to have a spray application but when I considered the cost I thought why not roll it on myself. It would be well worth your while to have someone spray at least the first coat as it is very difficult to roll stucco. My wife felt sorry for me and called a painter to spray the last wall. The wall can be rolled after the first coat is applied. I used elastomeric paint on the two wall that take the weather and regular paint on the other two as it is less expensive. The look is a bit different up close and I prefer the look of the elastomeric which has a fuller sheen appearance. The house looks terrific.

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