Hall and living room colors.


Is it okay to paint the hallway a different color than the living room? I painted my living room a blue green and I love it. I am just not sure if the hall would be too much of a good thing.

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  1. It really is good to give 2 colors to different areas in a house since it can be quite pleasing and appealing to the eyes and senses and you wont get bored watching different colors. I guess giving a color like purple or pink for the hallway would be nice to the senses when we reside in the hallway.

  2. If you are going to paint the rooms a different color you will want to ensure that they are exclusive to one another. For example if your living room has a big view of the hallway then it may clash if you paint them a different colour to one another. If you are going to paint them the same color then make sure that you have a theme throughout the two of them so that they feel like they are connected. For example if you are using a lot of dark wood in your living room or a lot of leather then ensure there are elements of this in the hallway so that there is a continuity to the way that you have decorated your home.

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