How to stop the blisters forming over the knots?


Cedar releases natural oils, sap, and tannin. This release occurs at the knots. Blisters are forming over each knot. Scraping, sanding and priming may fix a few but then more blisters come up in different spots, and sure enough, the new spots have knots too.. Am I chasing this around like a chicken with no head……How can this blistering be stopped? I have used BIN Cover Stain on it. The BIN work great everywhere else but the knots…… A dark color is being used, oil based, applied in hot weather using Penetrol to slow drying and increase leveling. The blisters/bubbles go down to the knot, not inner layer paint bubbles..No problems with paint adhering to primer.

Is this a lumber problem, or a painting process problem? Virginia Cedar….A deep red cedar for sure, high aroma and red with little white grain…….

Any suggestions on how to stop the blisters forming over the knots?

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