How can I get rid of smells in room that have been painted after 6 months?


Had the room sanded, used paint with primer included and painted over old wallpaper. Was told by the paint store that all the materials used should not pose any allergy problems, however it has been 6 months and my eyes burn and head hurts every time that I am in the room. I have bought a hepa air cleaner and tried all kinds of things. Please help me with suggestions.

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  1. First off, any product that has paint and primer together is not recommended… you always should do priming as a separate task… in this case of covering old wallpaper, you should have used a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer…

    As for the smell… I really don't think it is the fault of the material used, especially after so long, but perhaps rather your reaction to it… ie generally 98% of average people have no severe problems like you indicate…

    You might check with your doctor for allergy conditions that you might have and not be aware of… Good Luck

  2. I have had this problem in the past as well. I used a product called Freshana Air Purifier and it took care of it no problem.

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