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I have a black roof on a two-story house, and the color of the stucco house and door is salmon with white trim. I would like some color suggestions for the house / door / trim to make the house stand out more. It is currently pretty ‘bland’ in color. Thanks.

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  1. Honestly I think houses stand out more with different degree shades of brown. Either a dark brown trim paint, white door, and a lighter shade of brown for the house color. More like a tan.

  2. I understand completely when it comes to colors. I would choose a color that go well with others in your neighborhood. I have seen speckled sandstone as one color. You could also do a variation of a red. Red with white trim would look nice. Another color that I like is hunter green. This would also look good with white trim. The trim could be colored to match, but white goes with anything if you are looking to save money. Redoing anything to a home can cost a lot. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck!

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