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Has anyone used Flood stain before? Any opinions on it? I’m planning in using to paint previously painted rough cut cedar siding.

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  1. I used the Flood Deck and Siding Stain to repaint my house. It is a very durable stain that has kept its color well over the years. I love the stuff and highly recommend it.

  2. I used it and it failed on me over the winter. I used beautiful Canadian cedar and treated it properly before a proper application. In less than one year it is gray and nasty where the most traffic was and there wasn't much traffic at all.

    Flood basically told me I did it all wrong but my friend who is a professional contractor helped me every step of the way. We are both unimpressed with Flood and really pissed they don't stand behind their product. They will tell you ya did it all wrong. Email me if you want photos of my screwed up dream deck. peace

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