Fiberglass Door – Stain is Coming Out Uneven and Blotchy?


Trying to stain an exterior fiberglass front door. Had contractor stain it and it came out all blotchy and uneven. We stripped it, and we tried to stain with gel stain for exterior fiberglass doors but again it was coming out uneven. This is on a home we recently purchased and it looked as though the previous owned not only scrapped or sanded the door but also used chemicals to remove mold or mildew as it is facing the north side of home. Home is located in sw Florida so it is humid here. Any advice would be appreciated as I was think of trying a different stain. If the finish is damaged, is there any product I can use to fix it? Thanks.

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  1. Forget about Stain… it won't work… Paint It… prime it first with an exterior oil base primer stain blocker… then topcoat with Sherwin Williams exterior acrylic… use a gloss or semi-gloss sheen… color of choice…

  2. Sanding a fiberglass door will ruin the wood grain (embossing) and cause problems. Paint might be your only fix.

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