Exterior stucco color coating on a straw bale home.


The color stucco coating is peeling off from the exterior walls of our straw bale home. We believe that the color coat was concrete/lime based (not acrylic), applied 11 years ago. Given that we are considering taking the color coat off, what would you recommend we repaint it with? Elastomeric, acrylic, silicate paint? If re-painting the stucco doesn’t work, I am tempted to cover the walls and encase the exterior in metal siding!

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  1. An EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) color coat will work well. This is a synthetic textured coating that is troweled on. Contact a local stucco contractor for recommendations and costs.

    If you want to paint I would recommend an elastomeric. The main problem is stabilizing the surface. This is the same for any coating that is applied to your home.

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