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We have just painted the siding a dark moss brown and have lighter brick with salmon and light brown/tan tones. We did the trim in a cement/off white color around the windows. New roof will be a color called resawn shake, which has dark and light browns flecked with a sand color. What color should we do the front door and the side door of the garage which is exposed to the street?

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  1. I can think of two good colors for your garage and side door. One of the colors would be pine green, or any variety of a dark green. It would complement the other colors well. Another color which might work is brick red. Although I like the green idea better.

  2. Given the warm tones in your siding from the moss brown and salmon colors, the front and side doors would look really nice in a warm redish-orange brown color of a mid-dark shade. Alternatively, if you wanted to go less bold you could painted it a light beige that is darker than your trim color.

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