Acrylic Paint on Fiberglass Door

I painted my fiberglass door with acrylic paint, giving it more than on coat. With the super hot temperatures, the paint bubbled in different places. The paint store recommended I sand over the areas affected, then paint the door with an oil based paint as a primer. Wait at least

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Can you sand a fiberglass door edge?

My contractor installed new double fiberglass entry doors. Doors are rubbing when opening and closing. Contractor says no more adjustments are possible. Afraid to let him proceed with staining. Can the door edge be lightly sanded to create a smooth operation?

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About gal stain.

Hi, I’m trying to finish a fiberglass door with gel stain, mahogany, but it doesn’t give the the dark color to the door. Can you help me on this point? Thanks

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Clear coat peeling on front door.

My front door is stained and urethaned the stain seems to be still in good shape, mostly peeling on bottom of door where water hits sometimes. Can I just put urethane on bottom of door and blend it?

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Damage to fiberglass door.

I stained a front door and 2 sidelights, waited 3.5 days, applied a coat of Zar polyurethane, waited 24 hours applied another coat of poly, waited 36 hours, masked sidelights with blue 3M tape to paint jamb. After 1 hour, pulled tape off and entire finish came off down to

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