Acrylic Paint on Fiberglass Door


I painted my fiberglass door with acrylic paint, giving it more than on coat. With the super hot temperatures, the paint bubbled in different places. The paint store recommended I sand over the areas affected, then paint the door with an oil based paint as a primer. Wait at least 24 hours then paint it with the acrylic paint once again.

Could you advise me if this is what needs to be done?

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  1. What brand of Paint did you use? Not very good I suspect… and did you PRIME the door first? No, I suspect… so now, sand it down to a relatively smooth paint surface… prime it with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer (or if an exterior door, use an oil base exterior stain sealer)… then use a better brand of paint for the topcoat…

  2. Yes, the recommended approach of lightly sanding the affected areas, applying an oil-based primer, waiting at least 24 hours, and then repainting with acrylic paint is a suitable solution to address the bubbling paint on your fiberglass door due to hot temperatures. Sanding will help smoothen the damaged areas, while the oil-based primer will provide better adhesion and durability. Additionally, the waiting period allows for proper drying and curing before reapplying the acrylic paint.

    Acrylic paint tends to be more susceptible to heat-related issues, such as bubbling, compared to oil-based paints. By using the oil-based primer as a sealer and base coat, you create a stable surface for the acrylic paint to adhere to, reducing the likelihood of further bubbling. This approach ensures that the new layers of paint will bond well with the door’s surface and provide a uniform and long-lasting finish.

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