Can we paint over vinyl paste without sanding?


About 20 years ago, we had a professional wallpaper hanger hang a commercial grade vinyl using commercial paste. As the vinyl is very thick, he obviously had to use a lot, and the vinyl was somewhat textured, not smooth. We removed the vinyl in our entryway. The paste, of course, remained on the wall. We thought perhaps we could just paint over the paste and have a textured rigid wall. We really don’t want to sand and scrubbing it with water, etc. would take a lot of muscle and time. Is this okay? Should we primer it first? What kind of paint should we use?

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  1. It is not generally recommended to paint over wallpaper paste residue directly, as it may affect the adhesion and finish of the paint. primer should be used before painting to ensure proper adhesion and a uniform finish. A high-quality bonding primer is recommended to seal the paste residue. After priming, you can paint over it with a high-quality acrylic latex paint. This will provide a durable and washable finish that will help to camouflage the texture left by the wallpaper paste. Be sure to choose a paint finish that suits your desired look, such as satin or eggshell for a subtle sheen or semi-gloss for a more durable finish that is easier to clean. It is essential to follow proper surface preparation and painting techniques to achieve the best results.

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