Brush or Roller for Urethane


What to use to apply polyurethane or acrylic urethane?

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  1. When applying polyurethane or acrylic urethane, it is generally recommended to use a high-quality synthetic bristle brush. A brush allows for better control and precision, enabling a smoother application with fewer air bubbles and a more even finish. However, for larger surfaces such as floors or walls, a high-density foam roller can also be effective in applying polyurethane or acrylic urethane. Rollers can cover larger areas more quickly, but may not provide the same level of precision as a brush. A foam pad can also be used on larger surfaces.

    The ultimate application tool is a paint sprayer, airless with small tip or a cup gun.

    It is important to choose the right tool based on the specific project requirements and personal preference for desired finish and application method.

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