Brush for water finishes.


For applying acrylic urethane and polyurethane, water base stain I should be using Chinex or Polyester brushes for this? Am I correct?

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  1. Polyester Brushes are usable for almost all painting applications… Pure bristle (China Bristle Brushes) can be used for some applications of (only) oil paint or Varnish

  2. For applying acrylic urethane and polyurethane water-based stains, it is recommended to use a Chinex brush. Chinex brushes are specifically designed to work well with water-based products, offering excellent durability and a smooth finish. They have synthetic bristles that maintain their shape and stiffness even when exposed to water-based products, making them ideal for applying these types of coatings. Chinex brushes also provide good control and coverage, ensuring an even application of the stain.

    While polyester brushes can also be used for water-based stains, Chinex brushes are preferred for their superior performance and longevity. Polyester brushes may not hold up as well over time when used with water-based products, as they can become limp and lose their shape, leading to a less precise application.

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