Interior doors

We have basic light oak woodwork and are replacing the hollow core light oak doors with solid painted doors, but what color? Walls are greenish taupe and floors are cherrywood. Help!

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Chair Rail Color

Does this chair rail have to be the same color for the entire room? I painted accent wall darker color, with lighter shade for chair rail. All the other walls are white. Can the chair rail be the darker shade, or should the entire room have the lighter color of

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Dining Room Paint Color

I have a dining room with light oak furniture. The hall color that comes into the room is a lime green. There is a lot of natural light. What color would you suggest for the walls?

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Make my old cabinets less wood grainy.

Can I make my 16yr old oak cupboards look less wood grainy? I would like a maple wood finish, I hate the wood grain look. I would like to refinish my oak stained cupboards and doors to a light maple color and I would like to somehow cover the wood

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Faux Wood Graining to look like Maple

How do I go about faux wood graining my old coffee table from oak look to a maple look? I would like to faux paint it to look like maple with a light maple color. I’ve been searching the internet most say to put a light base coat of paint

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