Stripping and restaining a fiberglass entry door.

I ordered and received a new fiberglass entry door but unfortunately the stain was not done to my satisfaction. How can I strip and restain the door to a lighter shade? Should I also consider having it done professionally? Any idea how costly that would be? Thanks

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Rough Cedar Garage Doors

My garage doors are rough cedar. They face west. We live in Scottsdale. The doors are stained medium dark with some kind of lacquer on them. A painter says he would strip them and apply an oil based stain (with no sealer or lacquer). He thinks oil based will hold

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Best method to strip a redwood ceiling.

A customer asked me about stripping a 50 year old redwood tongue and groove exterior porch ceiling. It looks like old dried out varnish and there is stain underneath, which will also have to be sanded to restore to original color. My question is what is the best method and

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Using filler on lap siding.

The exterior paint on my 1920’s Craftsman is quite uneven, probably due to a past owner scraping without sanding, and painting over it. A painter that we hired began work by scraping away chipped paint, applying a white plaster-like substance, letting it dry, and sanding it smooth. It seems OK

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Roller marks on ceiling.

I recently painted my ceiling in my basement. I used Valspar flat latex paint, I gave 2 coats and now I see a lot of roller marks. I have painted a lot and never had a problem like this. Maybe it was the type of paint I used. Can you

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Staining a Cedar Siding Home

I am restaining our house with Behr solid stain. I am going darker (brown) and doing the usual prep of washing. The previous owners put new cedar siding on but stained only what they could reach. So now I have a aged cedar and stained cedar to cover. Any thoughts

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