Wood grain gone- completely confused?

I am refinishing oak cabinet doors. I already repaired the crappy sand job the contractors ahead of me left. I conditioned, applied 2 coats colored gel stain and two coats clear. Out of 22 doors, 3 didn’t look right. So I sanded them all back down and started over. I

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Primer changed the texture of my walls.

I had to use primer on the lower half of my walls to cover up red. (The upper half was beige and I was told that I would not have to prime it.) It totally changed the texture of my walls and I want to get it back to smooth

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Interior Trim Rules

I am painting the entrance doors to all our rooms black. Do I need to paint the doors inside those rooms (closet doors, doors to en suite, utility closet) black also for continuity, or can I leave them white?

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What kind of paint do I use to paint a RR Caboose?

We have a caboose in our back yard and have painted it before but the paint doesn’t stick very well especially in a few spots. I have used Bulls Eye 123 primer last time and then Sherman Williams All Surface enamel (acrylic latex enamel). Any great ideas will be helpful.

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