Chipping Paint

I just had the interior of my house painted 6 months ago. Although the paint on the walls still looks good, the paint by the edges of doors, arches are peeling off. I bought a plastic protector to protect the edges from further peeling but it didn’t work since paint

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Satin versus Flat

Painting my living room. Does satin go on easier than flat? Husband painted bathrooms satin and it went over so smoothly. When painted bedroom flat, he had a hard time. Before we do the living room with is 3x the size, want the easier way. Is it his imagination? We

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Gloss Over Gloss

Well I found out the hard way, doing my doors, baseboards and trims. I painted my gloss over “gloss” 3 times. (Only one door) I still see the brush strokes. Just found out I should have “primed” and asking if I can now just go over with the correct “prime

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