Sealing the color of the woodgrain.

I am working with a purple-colored wood and I want to keep the color exactly like it is. Do I need to use a sealer before putting on a clear gloss finish? I have used polyurethane and polyacrylic, both are changing the color of the cedar I am working with.

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My new pine baseboards won’t get dark enough. I am using all the pre-stain recommendations. My stain is Dark Walnut, Cabot Woodstain. Please help

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Hiring a Painter

When getting your exterior house painted, are the gutters around the house typically included in the painting costs and do most painters paint the gutters(to match the trim)? Or, is this extra? We are having a painter do our house exterior and he does not include the casing around the

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I have a small bathroom with one window, a shower stall, vanity & toilet. I have very low ceilings and would like to paint the bathroom a color. I am not sure if I should paint the ceiling the same color as the walls or keep the ceiling white. I

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