Oak Table

I have refinished and stained an oak table using oil based stain. I stripped and sanded table prior to staining. The stain does not have any sealer in it so I plan to use 3 coats of polyurethane. Here is the issue–the finish is nice but too shiny for my

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Bubbling, peeling chunks!

I just put a second coat of latex paint on and it started to bubble only on one wall, then peeled off in big chunks! The house is 5 years old and it looks like just a flat paint was thrown on the walls. How do I quickly fix this

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Stain is still tacky.

We restained our deck 2 days ago and it is still tacky. Help…we have 22 people coming for a reunion tonight. It has been sunny, hot and humid.

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Mansard roof color.

I have a design project coming up and the homeowner is requesting paint choices for a mansard roof. I visualize a blackish brown by Benjamin Moore called night horizon – may not be dark enough and then blend down to a softer tone – but not cream or white. one

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Loxon XP or Elastomeric Paint

I live in Central Florida. During the last Tropical Storm we experienced water seeping in from our exterior walls. I am planning on having my home repainted. I was advised by the painter that he doesn’t suggest Elastomeric paint because after sometime bubbles form and its not as good as

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