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The modern home has become so much more than the simple living space of ages past. With an increase in home ownership over the past century and the dizzying array of new modern conveniences coming out of the woodwork every year, it seems as if now more than ever a home is a reflection of the people who live in it, whether it’s a single person apartment or gigantic house sheltering an entire extended family group. The options, once one truly has control of their living space, are seemingly unlimited. Whether one needs a room where they can practice the trombone at any hour of the night, a personal library of comic books or a cool, dark space specifically for storing home made drinks in the process of fermenting, the modern home can accommodate it all and make it possible.

One particular element of customizing one’s living space lies within painting their walls. But a home with a unique painting scheme is a sight to behold and home owners should not pass up this opportunity to personalize their living spaces. Because even many elderly people are quite capable of painting their homes themselves, there are few excuses for why an able bodied person should not be capable of painting their own home in any shade they wish. The exact type and color of paint will of course be an important deciding factor in how to paint one’s home. Some things, such as cheap paint or latex paint in a home with people with allergies to that material, should likely go without saying. But exactly how to paint one’s home can be a difficult decision.

Beyond safety matters is the simple fact that people should paint each room in their house according to the tastes of either themselves or the people for whom that is their personal living space. A baby pink shade in the personal room of someone with a fondness for pastels and pink aesthetics is a good idea, as is a simple, uncomplicated eggshell shade for someone who knows they are likely to cover their walls in artwork and other decor. Ideally the shade of a room’s paint should go well with the decor. A warm umber color in a room covered in fishing trophies and sports memorabilia is certainly an acceptable way to bring the room together, while a soothing light blue shade in a personal library can easily bring about the soothing atmosphere one needs when reading.

However, paint shades that go poorly with the decor should be avoid. Plain white paint in rooms filled with fluorescent lights may be practical, but they have been scientifically proven to lower the mood of the people in them. While fluorescent lights in general have a tendency to lower to people’s moods, combining them with white walls has a tendency to look sterile as well. Finally, one should always put their all into their painting and be thorough with the work. Any shade looks bad when it’s clear the painter just didn’t care.

Abe Knepp creates Amish made hardwood cabinetry. You can learn more about him and his cabinets via his website at www.itsamishmade.com/.

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