Touch-up Paint and Texture

Every touch up paint job once dried and viewed from a side angle looks faded and really stands out from the rest of the wall. It also feels rougher than the not touched up original wall.

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Fence Painting

We have some painted fences in a cream color and some fencing that is redwood and not painted. How can I make all of the fences around my house look the same?

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Varnish vs. Polyurathane vs. Stain

I have installed pine beadboard on a short wall that I want to finish. I want to achieve a “honey” color. I’ve been told to simply use a polyurathane and the wood “ages” and I’ll receive the desired color. Others have told me to use varnish. What’s the difference? And

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Neutral Base

I purchased about 15 gallons of Rodda Weather Performance exterior flat latex neutral paint, #51 1204 5. Trouble is, it wasn’t until getting it home and trying it on a swath of our house that I realized it isn’t white, but neutral base. I am hoping you can tell me

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