How to get started?

I am a brand new painting company owner. I need to learn the inside of the business after being labor for so long. How do I go about bidding on a job with no references? Also, I have worked in construction for a few years and want to implement that

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I don't know how to wrap up.

I have been on my own for 2 years now and have recently run into a problem with finishing exteriors. Things seem to get out of hand and I don’t know how to get back on track, anybody like that?

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Old house thick, flaking paint

My old house has lath and plaster walls that have been repainted many times. When the paint peels it exposes the bare, grainy plaster underneath. Do I need to prime this before spackling ? If so, with what? Thanks

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Paint Cracking

I have an old medicine cabinet with cracking paint. I would like to repaint part, but I want it to crack. How can I make this happen?…thank you

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Painting interior accent walls?

I often see pictures of rooms painted with different colors on different walls. I would like to use a dark, rich red color in a basement room but only want one or two walls this color. I would think all the walls this color would make it too dark or

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Paint added to the primer?

I don’t have enough primer to cover my area for the first coat. If I were to add some paint to the primer will it still work as a primer? I’m painting over orange paint.

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Interor Doors

I want to purchase interior doors for my bedrooms and would like to know what is best to do; Paint or stain??

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