Painted Ceiling Problem

Kitchen ceiling was painted about 12 years ago with semi gloss paint. In the past 2 years I noticed areas where paint looks like it has been shrink wrapped and more so recently. What is the problem and how do I correct it before painting again? I would like to

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Self priming paint.

We have sanded and primed our exterior stairs and landing, can I use the self-priming porch and floor paint I bought over this?

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Aluminum Trim

House has window trim wrapped in aluminum. What type of paint (water or oil) is used in the factory?

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Chair rail and molding color.

Painting dining room a soft gray above chair rail and white below. Should the chair rail and crown molding be white or a nice darker shade of the gray? We are having a real dilemma.

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Stain is still tacky.

We restained our deck 2 days ago and it is still tacky. Help…we have 22 people coming for a reunion tonight. It has been sunny, hot and humid.

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