Tacky Newly Stained and Sealed Deck

What causes the finish on my newly stained and sealed deck to be tacky after letting it dry for weeks? My deck needed to be treated after we moved in since the previous owners had ignored it. There was sealant where the eaves protected the surface but none where it

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Paint or Stain For A Fiberglass Door

I am having a fiberglass door put on my exterior front door. The builder has asked me if I want it painted or stained. The door gets extreme sun and rain at times. Which would hold up better under these extreme conditions?

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Concrete Splatter on House Exterior

Last year we put in a concrete porch in backyard. Some of the concrete splattered on house. We have had a hard time getting concrete off. We are prepping the exterior of house to paint. We have tried power washing and sandpaper, nothing worked. We were afraid of rubbing too

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Exterior Wood Trim Mold Prevention

I live near Plainfield Illinois and my lot is wooded and near a pond. I am experiencing mold on my exterior wood trim, specifically the fascia, soffit, and crown molding. We have painted these with Benjamin Moore oil base primer and final coat. After about one year, we get significant

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Solid Colored Stain Over Previously Latex Painted Porch

I have a wrap-around covered porch near the coast in Savannah that was previously painted with a latex floor paint. With 4 kids and a dog, the paint chipped very easily. I decided to try and remove the paint completely and put down a solid stain. My problem is the

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