Is a primer needed for staining a deck?

I applied solid deck stain on my deck that I cleaned well and let dry. It had not been stained previously. Some wood was new, other old, cedar. Within two months it was peeling off (not oil based). I sent a sample to the company and they said I should

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I need to stain the eves on my house.

I live in OK and the sun has faded the eves. I’m selling my house and think that it would make it look better if I re-stained them, but not sure how or what stain to use. I am sending a picture to show you.

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What is the best product to use for mildew removal?

I am giving an estimate on painting a chain link fence and the whole thing is covered in mildew. The previous paint is a flat oil-based industrial coating and is in pretty good condition. Of course, I’m going to pressure wash it but I was wondering if there is a

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Sealing Aluminum Siding

My siding was painted a while ago and looks good–but, I noticed a couple light bleeds onto the brick this year. Oxidation, a friend said. Is their a clear sealer that I can put on now to help get more years out of paint? Thanks for any help.

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Elastomeric Paint on Structural Glulam Beams and Arches

Building- Built in 1969, Japanese temple made of very large doug fir glulam cantilever beams, arches and glulam fascia. We are in the process of restoring the Japanese temple and the structural engineer recommended elastomeric coatings to the very large (10″ wide x 3.5 foot tall x 60′ long) glulam

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