Roller Lines After The Paint Has Dried

Why can I see each roller line after the paint has dried? I am using a Benjamin Moore Pearl paint and have given the room 2 coats. When the sun hits the wall, I can see each roller line. I have tried using less paint as well as more paint

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Primed or Painted Knockdown Ceilings

We just had knockdown ceilings done in the house and would like to know if they have to be primed or painted, now or in the future? Some say it should be protected and others say it is not necessary. We did prime the bath ceilings with Kilz Premium since

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Fix Chipped Paint

I used painters tape on the ceiling, so I was able to paint my walls and when I removed the tape it chipped a big amount of the paint. I’m in a jam. What should I do to fix this situation?

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Peeling Paint

I painted my house a few months ago and after I painted the base boards the vacuum rubbed against the board and the paint peeled off in some areas. What caused this, I think the old paint is oil and I used latex over it. Did the new paint not

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How to stomp and drag texture?

I’m a 30 yr painter with a contract business of my own. But, I never until now ran into a bid where I had to stomp and drag a ceiling. I would appreciate some tips….Thanks, Tracy Johnson, Johnson Paint Service

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Peeling Ceiling

Am trying to figure out why the paint on my ceiling is peeling. I had it painted two years ago, not sure how it was prepped. I have also checked for water damage and there is none. What materials might I need to repair the damage? Do you think I

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