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Over the last 2 weeks it has taken the painter to do the interior of my 1300sf home (yes, he is VERY slow). I have been trying to figure out what it is about the paint that is bothering me. I finally figured out that is it the paint is going on different colors. The painter would not close the bucket (ever) and I discovered he never actually opened it…he just attached a spout, poured paint into a pan, and began painting. He never stirred the paint that I ever saw, and would use the paint he left in a pan no matter how long it had been sitting (in plastic bag if days or sitting out if hours). When I used the paint, the color was always consistent but I always stirred before pouring (I opened the container of course) and frequently in the pan during painting. I am not kidding, Swan White paint is going on from that color to a blue-ish grey white to a dull white, with there being different colors literally on the walls/doors/trim/baseboards in every room of the house.

Was this caused by him not stirring/mixing the paint or not closing the container? Please, I am not crazy, others have noticed the color difference as well, but the painter is saying he didn’t do anything wrong.

He also has totally botched the cabinet painting. Dark brown semi-gloss latex paint is lifeless, dull, gritty (he sanded before he primed but needless to say did not wipe off dust, just painted over it), and sticky…it looks like there are years’ worth of grime built up and they were just finished 2 days ago!!! I used paint from the same can as he used for the cabinets on the window sill last night and it is shiny and smooth with a rich color like it is supposed to be, with leads me to feel it was error on his part and not the paint he used on the cabinets.

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  1. You are correct; occasional stirring of the paint is needed to keep the color consistent. And not wiping down your cabinets before priming/painting is a no-no. As you noticed this leads to a rough surface.

    Have the painter fix these screw-ups.

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