Why is magnolia too dark but differs on different surfaces?


I am painting a bedroom which I have undercoated with a white anti-mould paint. I have bought magnolia matt paint to paint over this but it shows up as a deep orangy/beige colour? However, if I put the magnolia paint on to say a piece of cardboard it comes up with a light creamy warm white shade which is the colour I am looking for.

Do you have any ideas of how I can get around my problem? I have tried various brands of magnolia. Should I try a dark undercoat first before applying the magnolia?

Any advice would be most welcome.

Many thanks,

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  1. It really depends on the Brand and Quality of Paint that you are using… try instead using Sherwin Williams Classic-99 (color of choice to match your sample)…

    Off Brands can cause color problems of this sort… use a better brand…

    Using a darker primer really won't help… try giving it 2 coats, over the primer…
    Good Luck

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