What goes well with brazilian cherry floors?


I am painting my bedroom and it has Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. I am going for a romantic look. What wall color would go well with my floors and accomplish this look?

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  1. I think a shade of beige with a little bit of pink to orange in it would create a nice sense of warmth to reflect that of the wood in the floors without making the room claustrophobic. It reflects the warmth of light nicely, and the reflected amber light is flattering to most skin tones. It's also neutral enough to accommodate a variety of decor choices and is light enough that it won';t be a chore to paint over later, should you decide to change your look.

  2. What you decide to put in your bedroom is intensely personal, and it really depends on how dramatic you want to go. With Brazilian cherry floors, you can probably get away with a mocha (light brown) wall or if you want something more whimsical and sunny, something in a yellow might be nice too.

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