What colors to use for accents?


I have a white vinyl house. The windows are trimmed in white and the garage door is white. Recently we changed our roof to a dark brown metal roof. What color should my shutters be? The chimney has a very light cream color stone and the wall around our patio is Terra Cotta color.

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  1. Almost any dark color not in the red family would look lovely. I think a dark true green for the shutters would look nice, especially if you have some trees in the yard to pick up the shade. Sapphire blue would also work. Think jewel tones, but stay away from the reds due to the roof color. Of course black is the classic, and will work here as well.

  2. A color that is worth your careful consideration is brick red. This color would complement the brown roof and the brown shutters. It would be welcoming but not garish. It would be attractive but not pretentious.

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