Walls are horribly streaked?


Over the week end my husband and I painted our kitchen red and the dinning room tan. We used a flat paint, that had primer in it. The same with the dinning room just tan instead of red. The walls are horribly streaked and very splotchy looking. The red has 3 coats already. The creases and corners are what is really standing out making it look very bad. I didn’t have this problem with painting my living room a few months ago and the only difference is that I used a semi-gloss instead of flat. The living room looks great. It only took two to three coats. Could using flat paint instead of semi-gloss be the problem? Any type of help on how to fix this would be appreciated.

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  1. Sounds like picture framing is happening. Three things are to blame;
    1- Using Paint and Primer combo paint. This is a gimmick.

    2- Should have had a tinted primer as a background for the red. A medium gray usually works well. The exact color should have been on the color swatch, if not then use a better paint purchased at a real paint store.

    3- A higher sheen would have helped. Flat paints are more difficult to use than satin.

    I would go to a real paint store, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, and use their paint. They will suggest the proper tinted primer to use under the red. Plus choose an eggshell or satin, a bit easier to use.

    Or, if you have enough left over paint you can apply another coat. Only this time you will need to roll tight to the ceiling and trim to better hide the streaky look. These areas can be shielded or taped off for protection. This time add a little water to the paint to help keep a wet edge.

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